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Men in their mid-forties are more likely to suffer a condition known as erectile dysfunction. As the term suggests, erectile dysfunction is the dysfunction in the erection process of men during their sexual intercourses. This condition might be inevitable for men. However, the good news is there are many drugs available that can resolve this issue. Kamagra Jelly is one of them. This drug was created in India and continues to amaze its users. But, as much as this medication has its advantages, it also has its set of disadvantages. What are these? One will see in this write-up.

First, Kamagra Jelly may cause patients to experience minor headaches and dizziness. Other people have also shown symptoms of having flu such as flushes. On this note, it might not be advisable if the user does strenuous activities after using the product. For instance, one should refrain first from driving cars to avoid getting into road accidents. Also, an individual is advised not to operate machines or heavy equipments right after taking Kamagra.

Second, Kamagra Jelly may not work for everyone as there are reported incidents wherein a user experienced
diarrhea because of the medication. If one encounters diarrhea after he having a tablet of Kamagra, it will be better for him to just stop taking the drug, drink lots of fluid to stay hydrated and visit a doctor immediately.

Third, a small portion of Kamagra users have undergone more serious impacts aside from those that were mentioned above. For example, there were cases where in patients had a urinary tract infection due to the drug. There were also events where in a user had a respiratory problems during the course of using the medication.

Fourth, few people who have used Kamagra Jelly encountered eye impairments after taking in the medication. Studies show that as much as sildenafil citrate inhibits PDE5 and handles the erection process well, it also obstructs the production of another enzyme known as PDE1 which is responsible for an individual’s vision.

Kamagra Jelly serves as one of the best drugs for erectile dysfunction in town. Its quick response time is its main advantage over its competitors. That’s because the drug can do its job in as fast as 15 minutes. Users should just keep in mind that Kamagra was not designed to arouse men. It is mainly created for the purpose of resolving erectile dysfunctions. That means that men need to be really sexually stimulated first before he can enjoy Kamagra. Also, users should take note that Kamagra also has its disadvantages. Some of these were already mentioned above. All that is left for patients who would like to use this product is to be cautious and observant while medicating with it. That’s because the drug maybe incompatible or some individuals. The side effects may also vary between patients. This is the main reason why consulting a medical practitioner is truly a must. A doctor will surely know whether Kamagra works well with his patient or not.



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A lot of men consider Kamagra Jelly for treating their erectile dysfunctions because of a lot of reasons. For one, the drug allows them to sustain their erection, in just a short span of time. That’s because the drug can perform its duties in just 15 minutes. Also, many men like Kamagra oral jelly because it dissolves easily in their mouth. In effect, men who have weak digestive mechanisms will not have problems using the product. Whatever the reasons one have, a man in his late years who want to try Kamagra oral jelly as well to satisfy his manly needs must remember some points as to how to properly use the product.

First, Kamagra Jelly can be merely taken orally without the need for water. However, one may also have other means of enjoying this product. For instance, he may crush the jelly directly from its packaging before he actually takes it. As for people having trouble with taking medications, he may combine Kamagra with fruit extracts. That way, he will not even notice that he have taken in something. If fruit juices are not available, users who have problems with taking drugs need not worry as there are Kamagra oral jellies in the market with flavor variances.

Second, most medications relating to the treatment of erectile dysfunctions in men should be taken only once a day. Kamagra Jelly is no exception to this. The drug should be taken only once every 24 hours. Otherwise, patients might experience some of its adverse effects such as palpitations.

Third, Kamagra Jelly is preferably used with an empty stomach. Users with ulcer may also take the medication after a meal. But, it is highly advised that they only do so after eating a low-fat meal. That’s because patients will enjoy Kamagra’s best results if they have taken the product with an empty stomach or have used the drug after a low-fat lunch.

Fourth, Kamagra oral Jelly should not be used together with another medication because it can be detrimental for a patient’s health. For instance, Kamagra should not be taken if one is using a blood pressure stabilizer such as that of CYP 3A4 inhibitors, alpha blockers and nitrates. Medications with Cirnetidine as main ingredient might also be incompatible with Kamagra oral jelly too so users should avoid it if he will use Kamagra. Additionally, Kamagra oral jelly should not be used along with other erectile dysfunction medications such as that of sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil since these drugs contain PDE5 inhibitors as well.

Finally, Kamagra Jelly presents amazing benefits to its users. Patients should just have the right prescription and dosage in order to really maximize the product to a great extent. Also, by following the tips mentioned above, one is already on his way to enjoying Kamagra at its best. Individuals should just take note though that the medication does not stimulate sexual desire in men so males should be aroused before he gets to utilize Kamagra oral jelly’s benefits.



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Erectile dysfunction is common in men as they grow older. As much as there are many available medications in the market that offers treatment for this disorder, older men may face one problem with it. That is indigestion. When people grow older, their digestive systems tend to impair as well. The male specie is no exception for this. The good news is pharmaceutical companies have also seen this possibility and have made medications that is just right for aging people. Kamagra Jelly is one of these drugs.

Basically, Kamagra Jelly works in a similar way with other erectile dysfunction medications in the market. Its main compound consists of Sildenafil Citrate that inhibits the enzyme PDE5. In effect, it causes the blood vessels to expand and facilitates the flow of blood to the penile nerves during erections. The effect of the medication can also last to four hours enough for one’s intimate moments with their partners.

So, what makes Kamagra Jelly different from its other counterparts in the market? Aside from being a good partner for men who have difficulties in digestion, the drug can also act quicker than any other brands. That’s because one can already enjoy Kamagra’s benefits 10 to 15 minutes after taking it. That’s quite fast compared to other erectile dysfunction medication that take up to one hour to have an effect. Users should just be reminded though that the drug is not a libido enhancer. So, a man must have to be sexually aroused first before he can actually see if the drug works well with him.

To take advantage of Kamagra Jelly fully, one remember not to take the drug if he has existing allergies or suffered a heart illness in the past. Also, a patient must make sure that he consult first his doctor and ask for the right prescription of the drug. It is also advisable if one had his blood pressure checked before taking the drug as the main component of Kamagra might have negative impact on people who have a weak blood pressure or those that have a hypotension.

Finally, Kamagra Jelly is one of the latest innovations in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions in men. That’s clearly because of the amazing features the drug offers to its users. For one, it acts quicker more than any other drugs. Patients have also nothing to worry about getting indigestion as they can already dissolve it just within their mouths. This also makes the drug perfect for travelling. As it does not require water, people can utilize its effect wherever they are. Plus, it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. So, users are rest assured that Kamagra oral jelly is safe for their health. The agency reminds Kamagra consumers though to be cautious in taking the medication as there are fake Kamagra oral jellies in the market. On this note, it is highly advisable for one to buy only the drug in accredited pharmacies in their areas.